(Updated February 2016)

Since 2013 I have been running at the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend for ‘Autism Speaks’ and raised approximately $10,000 in the process. Although I did not run the event at Walt Disney World this year this hasn’t stopped my interest in helping to raise funds for this charity. In fact, many people have asked what my fundraising event is going to be this year.

Autism Speaks


2014 – the Inaugural Dopey Challenge during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend



You may have read from my race recaps that I began entering into the sport of triathlons in 2015. The swim/bike/run discipline is certainly a challenge but is very rewarding in terms of personal achievement.

In 2016 I am participating in my first ‘Half Iron’ distance race at the HITS Triathlon Hudson Valley, NY on July 9th. The triathlon is a swim-bike-run event and this will be the most challenging sporting event I will have done to date (and I’ve done some crazy things in the past few years!!!)

The event takes place in Kingston, NY and involves a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile bike ride and finally a 13.1 mile run for a total of 70.3 miles. My goal is to complete the event without drowning, crashing or tripping and finish somewhere in the region of 6 to 7 hours.

Please take a moment if you can and head over to my fundraising page to make a donation.

Thank you in advance.




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