I’ve been running for just over two years now (see my story) and have achieved things I never thought possible.  This year (2013) I am starting the year with a goal I have been working towards for many months.  Running the Goofy’s Race and Half Challenge in Walt Disney World.  I’m really excited about this and decided to start this blog as a keepsake to that weekend.  If all goes well it will be a memorable achievement in my life.

I’m not one for New Years resolutions but you can never say never.  I never would having thought I would ever be a runner and I feel now it has become a huge part of my life (as long as I am fit enough and healthy enough to do so).  With this in mind I am attempting to keep this blog going and see where it takes me.  It is going to be pretty much about running, training and related events but who knows where we will end up.


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