Marathon Training – Week 7

Week 7 Training

Week 7 Training

I cannot believe this was the last week of summer. I guess I made the most of it.

I missed my planned cross training workout on Monday as I wasn’t feeling so great (my wife warned me to stop eating the Johnson’s Popcorn but I didn’t listen) so my first workout for the week was on Tuesday.

I typically run early in the pre-dawn hours so I can get my workout in before I have to leave for work. On Tuesday I was working from home and decided to run in my lunch hour. I only had 4 miles planned and thought I could squeeze that in the time. Usually running early in the morning I haven’t taken in any food or coffee, just a few sips of water and maybe a gel if I am running more than an hour. On Tuesday I had eaten breakfast early but I had drunk at least 5 cups of coffee. In addition it was about 20 degrees warmer than my normal run time weather. I went out way too fast considering the conditions and I had drunk way too much coffee. I paid for it. My heart rate spiked after two miles and I basically had to walk/jog back home. Not the most pleasant run I’ve done for a while. Lesson learned. Ugh.

We had a family wedding this weekend in Atlantic City, NJ which meant we had to be out of town so I moved my Saturday run back to Friday as I knew we had a busy schedule ahead. I did however pack for two days of running…just in case.

This weekend was the Disneyland Marathon out on the west coast and the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare (the 10K on the Saturday and the Half Marathon on the Sunday). Following all my Facebook friends as they were planning for the event and following them on their travels was great. I decided I would attempt an east coast ‘Double Dare’ as best I could.

Wearing my ‘Team runDisney’ shirt I ran a 10K distance on Saturday in Atlantic City for the first part. On Sunday I was up early (before sunrise as it was getting humid) and ran a 14 miler (as per my training plan) which had me run from Atlantic City through the towns of Ventor and Margate and just into Longport and back. Although it wasn’t a ‘Dumbo Double Dare’ I still got my elephant theme on the run with a quick run past ‘Lucy‘.

Saturday run wearing my Team runDisney shirt

Saturday run
Wearing my Team runDisney shirt

Sunday run A quick visit with Lucy

Sunday run
A quick visit with Lucy


I wore my Pro Compression Marathon socks for this and they felt fine. I was worried that they were still thinner than I preferred but they held up well and there were no after effects. I like to run in compression sleeves for runs over 10 miles but I appreciate the compression around the foot, particularly around the arch, as I run which these socks offer over just running sleeves. I will keep trying these socks on longer distances to see if I feel comfortable enough to run a full marathon with them.

With the extra day of running (on Saturday) I planned to make the next week start of with a rest day as it is Labor Day and a holiday. I plan to sleep in as long as my kids will allow. Once they go back to school I’ll be back on track with the Monday cross training.

Here’s to another good week 🙂

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