The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Today I took the ice bucket challenge as I had been called out by a friend on Facebook. I have seen many of my friends take this challenge and I knew eventually I would get my turn. I am glad that such a great idea has become viral and the numbers speak for themselves, raising millions of dollars in the process.


Me and my ‘Mini Me’ taking the challenge

The idea is to donate to the ALS Assocation ( or dump a bucket of ice water on your head. Seems easy. You either do it or pay up.

So, I did my challenge and I also made a donation. It’s fun but I’d more likely make a donation to a good cause. I just got caught up in the social media hoopla. Yes, I know there has been an outcry for all the natural resources wasted when there are other charities whose main goal is to bring clean water to places where there is none but if it raises the money (i.e. people actually do donate and not just post videos of them dumping water on their heads) it is worthwhile.


I know how hard it is to raise funds for charity having done so over the last few years. You cannot keep going back to the same well. I get the “Didn’t I already give you?” comment a lot. Hey, sometimes raising funds is often harder than the training for the endurance events I take part in.

So, rather than nominate someone to make a video of them dumping ice on their heads, I welcome you to make a donation directly to the ALS Assication but also challenge you to head over to and make a donation to Autism Speaks. Let’s leverage of one charity to help another.

So hereĀ is my video. Enjoy.