July 2013 – month in review

July 2013 – Nike+ Summary

July 2013 – Nike+ Summary

110 miles this month.

I started off the month on vacation so I took advantage of the time to get a couple of long bike rides in and then a few rest days as I started my marathon training for both Philadelphia and the Dopey Challenge in the middle of the month.

It seems a little strange to drop my mileage back a bit as I have a pretty good base (typically run 10 or more each long run every week) but I’m sticking to the plan so I don’t overtrain. There are alot of miles to cover between now and January and I’ll be training 5-6 days a week for 6 months so maybe lighter is better for now.

No big races this month. Weather wise the heat was pretty intense at times making the long runs and late starts tough. The last couple of days of this month have been in the low 60s on my morning runs. Great weather for running but I admit I thought it was a bit chilly out there on the early starts. I should be counting my blessings not complaining 🙂

The training seems to have started out well. I’m experimenting with my run/walk ratios right now as I returned to using Jeff Galloway’s method to get me through my two big goals injury free. I’m also trying out alternative fuels (Accel and PowerBar) and some new gear (Pro Compression Marathon Socks). I’ve a good few runs ahead of me to get it right but I’m pretty much set on all my other gear. It is nice to try new things from time to time. I still have yet to start my core work on the new stability ball. It’s staring at me from the corner of the room and making me feel guilty. If I start working on this in August this should be plenty of time to start seeing the benefits.

I’m coming up to my 3rd ‘Runniversary’ soon so I have a special post lined up for that.

Thanks for stopping by.

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