Marathon Training – Week 6

Week 6 Training

Week 6 Training

Week 6 already? That means 12 weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon and 20 weeks until the Dopey Challenge. I’m already excited.

This was the second step back week in the program and the rest was a welcome break. The training this week wasn’t bad. The temperatures are definitely getting cooler and the sunrises are coming later. I can feel Fall just around the corner. I was able to get all the running done outside this week which was nice. I felt a little tired in my legs so I spent a couple of nights sleeping in my Zensah compression sleeves and that seemed to help out.

I had an enjoyable midweek run in the park next to where I live. It is full of deer and that day there just seemed to be dozens around. They are used to me running there I guess as they don’t seem to move when I run past them. I get pretty close to them to as they are always crossing to and fro in front of me while I run. I decided to get a couple of photos so you can see what I mean. Very calm and relaxing.

Scenes from my morning run

Scenes from my morning run

photo 2

Scenes from my morning run


Scenes from my morning run

No major gear experiments this week. I did return to trying the Pro Compression Marathon Socks again this week and they felt fine. I did treat myself to a new shirt this week for my Dopey training and I look forward to wearing this on my runs. The shirt is made by ‘One More Mile’. I have reviewed this specific product before but like this new slogan. I think it sends the right message 🙂

My new shirt from 'One More Mile'

My new shirt from ‘One More Mile’

With the later sunrises approaching I’m starting to dig out my early morning running gear. I will be writing a post specifically about the type of gear I use but needless to say the headlamp is getting a good deal of use now.

Thank you for stopping by.

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