Marathon Training – Week 10

Week 10 Training

Week 10 Training

Week 10? Did that say week 10? Yup. Over half way and only 8 weeks to go.

42 miles this week. A few early mornings. Again, I missed Monday’s cross training. I figured sleep was necessary. I’m pretty beat up at the end of the weekend. Not from the running, probably just the early mornings.

The weather has changed. It’s Fall. A couple of mornings had me running in long sleeves and gloves this week. Luckily it was a little warmer this weekend. This morning for my long run was just perfect. I got up around 4.30am to find a beatiful full moon in a clear night sky. I hardly needed the headlamp, then the fog rolled in for a couple of miles and then a beautiful sunrise. Wonderful. It made my long run (17 miles today) very relaxing.

I did a pace run yesterday (Saturday). I managed to maintain an average 8:50/mile pace. If I could do that for 26.2 miles I’d be pretty happy. It felt good and I was still fresh for my long run today.

Overall pretty happy with my week. This was one of the longer mileage weeks. Next week I’m up to 18 miles before a small step back week. I’m probably going to be getting the long sleeves and running tights out soon. I’ve been lucky up until now and haven’t had to run inside the gym for quite a number or runs. That’s been great. I’ve really been having some great morning runs recently, the cool weather has definitely been a factor.

6 weeks to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge 10K

7 weeks to the Trenton Half Marathon

8 weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon

Looking forward to staying healthy, running well and meeting lots of good folks on the way.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 10

  1. Trails and Ultras says:

    Up at 4.30?! Aargh you make me feel so lazy! Right tomorrow I’m going to try and get up early for a run. You’ve inspired me:)

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