Marathon Training – Week 12

Week 12 Training

Week 12 Training

Week 12 down. 6 more weeks to go. Now we are in October so I can really say the Marathon is next month.

As usual it seems I skipped the cross training on Monday. Let’s face it, I’m tired from the long runs and I don’t think I have done the Monday cross training since the early weeks of the plan. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have an extra rest day at this stage.

As my Wife was away this weekend (she ran the Long Island Diva’s Half Marathon with her sister) I had to squeeze my long run into early Saturday morning. This week then was 5 days straight of running. Luckily it was a step back week. Total mileage this week was 36 vs. last weeks 47 so that helped. I know it sounds silly to look at it like this when in January I will be running 48.6 in 4 days (yes, its Dopey).

This week I did something really can read about it here. Luckily for me I didn’t injure myself. That would have been upsetting after all this training and it would have been my fault. I know not to do anything silly from now on. I want to be healthy enough to keep doing this for a while.

The training itself this week felt fine (apart from the Wednesday run) and on the long run this week when I should have been slowest of all my runs I kind of turned up the heat. Not exactly my marathon pace but quicker than I should have. Given the hills where I run it felt great especially after worrying about the right foot for a couple of days.

Week 13 is the first of the 20 milers on the plan (although I did 20 last week). Then a step back, then the final 20 miler and then the taper. We are getting close to the race date. 5 more Sundays before the big one.

4 weeks until the Benjamin Franklin Bridge 10K

5 weeks until the Trenton Half Marathon

6 weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon

14 weeks until the Dopey Challenge.

It’s getting real. I’m getting excited.

Thanks for reading.

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