February 2014 – month in review

February 2014 - Nike+ Summary

February 2014 – Nike+ Summary

Ugh…February. Don’t get me wrong, 155 miles is nothing to complain about especially with the New Jersey Marathon just a few weeks away but you may have noticed I did not post much to the blog. Why is that? Well, did you notice the amount of snow we had? Most of my exercise took the form of shoveling snow!!!

It’s been a cold, snowy and icy month. Yes, there have been bad winters before but I wasn’t a runner back then and never noticed how frustrating it could be to be stuck inside dreaming of being outside. I did most of my running on a treadmill due to the weather. I tend to run early in the morning when it is dark but with the snow and especially the icy conditions it just didn’t work out.

I did however have the chance to run outside during a business trip to St. Petersburg, Florida during the month. I think I took more running gear than work clothes. Two days in a row I got up early, strapped on the headlamp and ran. It was about 58 degrees and I was so excited to be outside again AND in t-shirt and shorts. The funny thing was that 58 degrees to Floridians had them dressing in long pants, long sleeves or running jackets and ear muffs and/or beanies. It puts winter into perspective. The run along the bay in St. Petersburg (while being nice and flat) was beautiful as I got back each day as the sun was rising. I did get a little lost my second day (hence the mid week 13 miler) but my hotel was only a few blocks from where I needed to be so I had plenty of time to cool down and get started for the day.

One of the other reasons I have been ‘off the grid’ this month is because my wife was away for about a week to run the inaugural ‘Walt Disney World Glass Slipper Challenge’ during the ‘Princess Half Marathon‘ weekend. She had a great trip with her sister and in addition to running the races (in costume no less) she got to do the ‘Keys to the Kingdom‘ tour as well as visit each of the parks. Apparently the tour is beyond awesome. I was home looking after our two boys. I think next year I need to carve out time to do that tour. There is a 4 hour and an 8 hour version of the tour…guess which one I’m planning to do.

My wife's 10K costume

My wife’s 10K costume

Having fun during the Princess Half Marathon

Having fun during the
Princess Half Marathon

Wearing her ears with pride after completing the 2014 Glass Slipper Challenge

Wearing her ears with pride after completing the 2014 Glass Slipper Challenge

I stayed home to look after my two favorite characters

I stayed home to look after my two favorite characters

One thing I’ve been working on this month is speed. Although I’ve been putting most of my miles on the treadmill I have made a concerted effort to bring my speed up on my short days and even increase the pace on my long run days. Although you cannot really count my runDisney times from January (as they were deliberately slow for picture taking, etc) my average pace per mile for this month vs. last month is approximately 1 minute per mile faster. Something I am working on as I am aiming for redemption and a PR in this year’s New Jersey Marathon.

So, March here we come…

I am starting March back on the treadmill and there is another storm predicted this weeked as I write. However, I have an upcoming trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a couple of days in early March and a trip to Atlanta, Georgia later in the month so at some point I will be running outside. In March I have my first race since Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, the Philadelphia Love Run at the end of the month. Spring is just around the corner…it is…really (I’m a optimist I guess).

Anyway, 8 weeks to go until the New Jersey Marathon and we will also find out at the end of March if my wife and I get into the 2014 New York Marathon. A lot to look forward to.

Also this month I joined a brand new running team, the ‘Mickey Milers‘. The mission of the running team is “to bring together a diverse group of runners who support each other as they train and participate in runDisney events, as well as other regional events throughout the year.”

Mickey Milers Running Team

Mickey Milers Running Team

The team itself has a fundraising goal and that is to raise money for the ‘Give Kids The World Village‘ in Orlando, FL – a wish-fulfilling, fanciful, carefree retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses, and their families. Give Kids The World Village is a 70-acre, nonprofit “storybook” Village located near Central Florida’s most beloved attractions. Here, children and their families are treated to weeklong, cost-free fantasy vacations, complete with accommodations in the Village’s whimsical villas, transportation, donated attraction tickets, meals, and much more.

At the Village, these precious children learn that dreams really do come true, as they and their families are immersed in joy, hope, and non-stop fun for a few unforgettably happy days. Since 1986, the Village has welcomed more than 120,000 families from all 50 states and more than 70 countries. This extraordinary, life-changing experience is Give Kids The World’s gift, made possible only through the generosity of dedicated corporations and countless individuals.

Here is a link to my personal page. If you want to visit and help I would be truly grateful.

Thank you for reading.

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