October 2013 – month in review

October 2013 - Nike+ Summary

October 2013 –
Nike+ Summary

178 miles this month.

No races to speak of this month. It has been heads down training. I started off the month experimenting with a new pair of shoes. This didn’t go according to plan. Lesson learned. It is not wise to mess with your shoes in the peak of marathon training. Luckily this did not result in injury so I was able to continue as scheduled for the rest of the month.

Although this month was very tiring I did enjoy the training. The two 20 mile runs that I did felt good and didn’t leave me feeling tired or achy. In fact this month I reveled in the long runs. These were my chance to get out and be alone with my thoughts as I approach marathon day so I focused on my technique and strategized about my fueling, clothing and practiced some mental games to get me through the many hours out there. The carrot at the end of the stick for me was the taper time before the marathon. The last three weeks in the training plan where the mileage reduces closer to race weekend. This year I actually have a couple of races scheduled in the weekends before (Ben Franklin Bridge 10K and the Trenton Half Marathon). I have never scheduled other races so close to a marathon before but it has me looking forward to things and diverts me from the ‘taper madness’.

The weather played a big factor this month as it started to get cold and I had to break out the winter gear. My last 20 miler was in temperatures in the low 30s. On the plus side, the pumpkin spice coffee has become my reward after the long runs so that has been nice.

My focus has been on my upcoming events which are fast approaching. I am very excited for running the Philadelphia Marathon with my wife. She has been training well and although we have not been able to do our long runs together as we juggle family time it has been great having someone to cheer along with and encourage. We are both looking out for each other and planning our races together.

I’m also at the stage where I am looking forward to next year’s schedule. I am looking for a Spring and Fall marathon to set my sights on for next year. I don’t want to travel too far from home (something driveable) so I have a number of contenders for the Spring so far (Delaware Marathon, Pittsburgh Marathon, NJ Marathon, Poconos Marathon) which are all around the same date. For the Fall I am considering one of the big ones, perhaps New York (if it is not too prohibitively expensive) and Marine Corps (which is also going to be a lottery from next year). Again, there is always Philadelphia (my ‘go to’ marathon).

Lots to look forward to. November is a big month. 4 races including the Philadelphia Marathon. Then only a few more weeks until I start my preparations for Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in January.

There are less than 70 days to go now to Marathon weekend. I am looking forward to running in January in the first official Dopey Challenge. The good news is that I made my fund-raising goal to be able to run the event with Team Up for Autism Speaks. If you are interested in learning more about Team Up and the events they have for 2013 and 2014, please head over to my page on their site and go from there.

Thank you for reading.

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