September 2015 – Month in review

Septmber 2015 – Nike+ Summary

September 2015 – Nike+ Summary

Another busy month. According to my Nike app I ran 143 miles and my MapMyFitness calendar showed I had a total of 207 miles (143 miles running, 62 miles cycling and 2 miles swimming). 

September - Map My Fitness

September – Map My Fitness

This month included the Hightstown Triathlon, my 3rd(ish) and last triathlon of the year and also the last few weeks of training for the Marine Corps Marathon so plenty of training during the month in preparation.

Fall definitely made an appearance during the month but luckily it was still fairly warm during the triathlon so I was able to enjoy the last days of summer. Our boys went back to school, my youngest is now in Kindergarten so both boys are together again at the local elementary school.

My two guys heading into school together

My two guys heading into school together

Also, as he has now moved up to Kindergarten, he is now at Sunday school every week vs every other week like last year. This allowed my wife and I to have 3 hours together on Sunday mornings so we were able to get some marathon training in together which was a great as we probably hadn’t had a chance to run together as a couple since the Pittsburgh Marathon back in May.

Nice opportunity to get out on the trail together

Nice opportunity to get out on the trail together

We’ve been taking the opportunity to get some of the long runs in along the Delaware Canal as it is fairly flat but very close to where we take the kids for Sunday school so we can save some time. It’s been great running there as the temperatures have cooled. We changed our route up a bit this year and crossed over the Delaware River at Washington’s Crossing so we ran both on the Pennsylvania side and the New Jersey side. Just to mix things up. On one of the times we were running together we crossed back to the PA side and saw a group of Revolutionary War re-enactors walking around Washington Crossing Park. We got a bit of a surprise when they started shooting off muskets and it didn’t really help when we ran through the park and my wife pointed out to them that I was British…thanks Babe, appreciate that.


The British are running...the British are running...

The British are running…the British are running…

Work is ramping up again so I am back to traveling for a while and finding some time to squeeze my training in. I find fitting the swim training in a bit more difficult as I’m not close to my gym but I did manage to find an LA Fitness near the hotel in Atlanta to allow me to get a swim day in before the triathlon. My triathlon races are done for now for this year and once I am back home during the winter months I can ramp that up again with plans for next year.

So we end the month just a few weeks away from our big race of the year, the Marine Corps Marathon. My wife and I are really looking forward to running this together. We will be travelling down without the boys this time around as it is going to be a pretty quick trip. I definitely want to take them next summer to visit the museums and enjoy the sites. That will be a fun vacation. We can scope it all out as we are running along the route.

My upcoming race calendar should now be set through the end of the year (perhaps):

October 25 – Marine Corps Marathon (Washington, DC) – This will be our first time running this event.

October 31 – Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – I ran this event on my own in 2012 and as a couple in 2013 and 2014.

November 1 – Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge (Camden, NJ) – I ran this event for the first time in 2013.

November 22 – Philadelphia Marathon – In 2011 this was my first marathon and also the first where I broke 4 hours in 2012. My wife and I ran this together in 2013.

November 26 – Bucks County Road Runners Thanksgiving 5 Miler (Langhorne, PA) – We try to run this every year (since we started running) and only missed it last year by being out of town. Here is my last recap of that race.

Looking forward to October and beyond. Thank you for reading.

February 2013 – month in review

February 2013 - Nike+ Summary

February 2013 – Nike+ Summary

February is the month of my birthday, Valentine’s Day and Groundhog Day, or the month I became a hamster…sort of…well, that’s how it felt.

Too much time on the 'mill?

Too much time on the ‘mill?

I logged 133 miles this month however it was all inside on the treadmill (as much as 16 miles at a time).  It was around this time last year that I joined the local Planet Fitness.  I had been training outdoors in the cold weather and I would come in from my runs with sore feet (running shoes are designed to let heat out but not keep it in) and tingling fingers from the cold.  I was about to buy a warm pair of gloves for about $40 when my Wife suggested I look at joining the gym for the winter.  It was only $10 a month so I had nothing to lose.  I said I would use it for the winter and probably drop the membership when the weather turned nice.  It would be less than the cost of the gloves for when I needed to use it.  Well winter turned into spring and then summer.  The treadmill was a life saver when the temperatures were over 100 or it was raining on the days I needed to get my training runs in.   However I mostly run outside when the temperatures and conditions permit.

I had my warm clothes laid out ready to go a few times but ended up putting them back.  There were a couple of times I almost got outside this month.  As I run running early in the morning I set my clothes out the night before so not to disturb everyone in the house.  I follow the weather forecast and almost always err on the conservative forecasts.  My Wife calls me a weather pessimist…I guess that must be the English in me.  I only recently stopped carrying an umbrella everywhere in my laptop bag.

This morning was my last chance this month to run outdoors.  I have a route in my neighborhood which I run and it also has some nice hills.  Well, it wasn’t until I set foot outdoors that I realized the weather was warm enough to run outside but I wasn’t wearing a long sleeve T and I didn’t have time to head back in for a wardrobe change.  They say it takes 28 days to have a habit stick.  Well, today was the 28th day of the month and I guess I just got used to getting up and driving to the gym.  Not that it’s a bad habit but still…

I umm’d and aah’d many times this month on whether to run indoors or out.  I run very early in the mornings.  I get up between 4.30-5.00 a.m. on weekdays so I can get a run in before work.  At the weekends I am up between 5.00-6.00am to get the run in before the family activities start and also so that I can look after the boys when Shari wants to go out and run which leaves me as the one to run in the dark and colder temperatures.  One recent Saturday night I was planning a 14 miler on the treadmill and someone sent me this funny post on Facebook.  It seems to sum up my mood this month.

Ellen Degeneres quote

Ellen Degeneres quote

My big discovery this month was the podcast app on my iPhone.  I don’t listen to music when I run outside and use it only on the treadmill.  I had listened to the same songs again and again on my iPod Shuffle that I found myself constantly flipping forward to find a song I wanted to actually hear.  If it hadn’t been for the ‘Mickey Miles Podcast‘ (great for the runDisney fans), NPR’s ‘Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me’ and Tom and Ray from NPR’s ‘Car Talk’, I would probably have lost my mind.  Nothing like a good laugh out loud on a treadmill to relieve the mood (although it is not always easy to keep my balance).

Spring is around the corner.  We move the clocks forward in a couple of weeks and the days are getting longer.  No excuses.  I’m heading outdoors.  Just try and stop me.

I’m taking the lead from the famous groundhog ‘Punxsutawney Phil’.  This year he came out of his burrow on Groundhog Day and didn’t see his shadow.  According to folklore this means we are going to have an early spring.  Not sure how reliable he is but I’m good with his prediction. 🙂

‘Punxsutawney Phil’

‘Punxsutawney Phil’

Oh, by the way, I did end up buying the gloves anyway…